Fort McDowell
Fountain Hills, AZ
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Nov, 2019
All full pay games noted as facing the Lucky saloon are still there. I played 10/6 DDB, DWDB and 9/7 TDB all afternoon, but the kickers were out of town that day. In addition they offer a variation of DDB which has a higher payout for four-of-a-kinds (5-K) with an ace. Best to stay in the area of the casino mentioned and get comfy with those single liners. Wandering off to other parts of Ft. McDowell will reward you with 8/5 TDB, 7/5 BP, 20/12 Deuces and other short pay abominations.
May, 2011
Rumor has it that this casino has $1 10/6 DDB
Oct, 2005
There are 16 NSUD machines at this casino. Six of the machines are in the non-smoking area of the Casino. Be careful, only the center 6 have NSUD. They recently dowdgraded the other two banks, consisting of 12 machines, to 15/9 Airport Deuces. I guess 16 NSUD machines were too scary for them! The other 10 machines are in the very NW corner of the casino. If compass directions in a casino are confusing, ask to be directed to the Peaks Restaurant. These 10 machines are the last row of machines on your right at the entrance into the restaurant. All of the 16 machines in the casino have 3 video poker and 9 keno games at both the $.25 and $1 denominations. Only the NSUD video poker games are close to 100% The Aces Bonus game EV is only 97.1% The Triple Bonus game EV is 97.7%. Cashback at the Fort is .25. This means each $100 of play will earn you $.25 in cashback money with a slot card.
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