Fallsview Casino Resort
Niagara Falls, ON
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Jul, 2019
Fallsview Casino Resort is now managed by Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment.
about 4 years ago
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Apr, 2008
*** MIA - *** (7) $5 Game Maker 99.9% PKM slant-tops in high-limit area. (6) $5 Game Maker 99.9% PKM uprights near the cage.
May, 2006
Visited this lovely facility on 5/5 to 5/7/06. My room was comped up front, as I talked to Walter Gach or similar last name, who was player development manager. He comped the room based on my verbal accounting of play at other properties. (US Casinos). I played exclusively $5 pick-em, and the cash back is as follows: $20-coin in = 1 point 100 pts = $10 cash back (Cdn. funds) That equates to .5% cash back, which is pretty generous. Comps are tight however. I figure to have put about $60,000 in coin in the first day, and was told I "didn't have anywhere near enough" play to warrant comping a breakfast off my room charges. Food & drink are expensive, as are the shops. The room was nice, but so are a lot of US Casinos. For my money, there are much better plays that are easier to get to (without the Customs hassles). I found no other playable games.
Nov, 2004
The $5 PE uprights at Fallsview which used to be in the back room have now been moved out by the cage.
Aug, 2004
Yesterday, on our way to Buffalo to pick some folks up at the airport, we stopped by here to have a look. As a result, I can confirm what others have said, namely, there's virtually nothing here for video poker players looking for a reasonable game. I didn't find the high-limit area, so can't comment on what's in there. In the main casino, the best $0.25 game I could find is 9/6 double bonus. At the $1.00 level, I did find the slightly better 9/6/80 version of double bonus. Neither games's return is that great, and if I want to play such an inferior game, I can do so at the $0.25 level at Georgian Downs, 20 minutes from home, I don't have to drive to Niagara Falls. The best JOB was 8/5 at the $1.00 level, and 7/5 at $0.25. One pay table that I almost gagged over was on a $1.00 triple line machine that offered the magnificent 6/5 version of JOB. I doubt I'll ever go here again.
Aug, 2004
We just returned from 5 nights at the new Niagara Fallsview Casino and we found it to be an amazing hotel, with great service, some excellent restaurants, friendly service and good comps with Cashback. I guess how you rate it depends on your objective. As a vacation resort, it is excellent however, most of the VP was poor with 8/5 JOB and 6/5 BP the norm. I did most of my play on the $5 FP Pick-em. The hotel is brand new. Lots of marble and a beautiful atrium in the entry way. Service was excellent and everyone was very friendly. I called and was quoted $199 for a Fallsview room and $360 for a suite. I then asked for a host and spoke with Walter who quoted me $99 CDN for a Fallsview king room or $199 CDN for a Fallsview suite. I took the suite. Accommodations - The room was gorgeous. It had an amazing view of the falls with 2 qn beds, a separate sitting area with a sofa and a second entertainment area, a small dining table and a marble bath with a Jacuzzi. The best feature was the view of the falls from the 28th floor. This is a great buy at $199 CDN. Much cheaper then anything else I could find. I had told Walter that I played primarily $1 and $5 VP. Restaurants - The coffee shop by the lobby was okay for bk. We had a delicious gourmet dinner at Noir that was fully comped by our host. We had the NY Strip Steak, Halibut and a 3 Bird special and they were all great. This was comped in advance by our host. We also had dinner at the Skyline Tower. Great diner and view in the rotating dinning room. If you're there on vacation, don't miss it. VP - As stated in other posts, the VP is not the best and it is not the place to go strictly for VP. But, with FP $5 Pick-em there is something playable, There are 7 machines, with FP $5 Pick-em, 3 on one side of the high-limit area and 4 on the other. One thing I did notice is that machines right next to each other would have different pay tables. Some had 8/5 JOB and some had 7/5. They all had 6/5 BP. At the $1 level there were also machines right next to each other with different pay tables. I believe there may have been 8/5 BP at the dollar level. At quarters I saw 7/5 and 6/5 JOB Totals and Comps - On checking in, our host Walter Gatt came down introduced himself to us and gave us a tour of the high-limit area and lounge and told us to feel free to use it with his card until we earned a gold card. Over 5 nts I put through almost 200K and made a substantial donation to the CDN government. Walter comped the suite for all 5 nts ( a Fallsview room would have required a lot less play) the gourmet dinner at Noir, our bk at the coffee shop and tickets to Mellisa Manchester. The only item he didn't comp was my wife's spa day for her birthday. You have pay for drinks with alcohol and they're not cheap $5.25 for house brands and $6.50 for top shelf. I was told it was a Canadian law. Sodas and coffee are free. I also picked up $312 in cashback before I left Bottom Line - The bottom line is that we loved it and would highly recommend it as a gaming vacation destination and will definitely be back. If all we want is to play VP, then it can't compare to Vegas, Reno or A/C and I'd go somewhere else.
Aug, 2004
In earlier posts, mention has been made of 2 slant-top Gamemakers near the cashiers cage and in the high-limit area that contain $5 full pay pick-em poker. That "exterior" portion of the high-limit area has an entrance to the "Salon Prive". Next to the salon's cage is a small back room with slots and a set of 6 upright gamemakers all of which have $5 full pay pick-em.
Jun, 2004
high-limit area in the far back right corner of the main casino has a row of 3 or 4 five-dollar PKM slant-tops. Walk down a hallway off of this area to a very large, semi-hidden high roller/VIP area (free chow, etc, etc). There are more $5 PKM Gamemakers in there.
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