Santa Ynez, CA
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over 3 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: 25ยข : 97.87% DDB, 97.30% JoB
Aug, 2016
Report from a contributor: "Beautiful casino, built with terrible payables! DDB and JB are both 7/5 at all levels of regular play through $1. Very limited number of machines. DDB does have higher pay on the $5 and $10, but watch out - these are 20 coin in for max play! Nice casino to see, but nothing good to play. All machines are upright, and no VP in the high limit room."
over 5 years ago
VP Removed
Downgraded: (9) $5 : 99.54% JoB in the alcove adjacent to the Casino Host office
Nov, 2008
Here is the playable VP at Chumash: A bank of 9 Aristocrat $5 9-6 JOB uprights in the alcove adjacent to the Casino Host office. 2 banks of 8 (that's 16 total) Aristocrat $1 7-4-50 Super Aces linked progressive uprights in the same alcove (that's 7 on the full house, 4 on the flush, and 50 on the straight flush; both the Royal and quad aces are progressive). The progressive meter is 1%. These enter 99% terrritory when the royal gets up around $6K. Is was up around $6400 when I left. All IGT VP machines here have horrendous paytables. For the ultimate masochist, high limit has a $20, 20-coin, 7-5 Jacks-or-better machine! Please be aware that you must play the full 20 coins to get full pay on your royal on this machine. Cashback: $10 coin-in/point for slots, $20 coin-in/point on VP. 200 points = $1 cashback, which works out to a paltry 0.05% on slots, and an infinitesimal 0.025% on VP. You also earn comp dollars, but I could not figure out the rate due to some unknown amount added for my live poker play. Poker room is highly rated, with frequent promos and specials, free food during tournaments, etc.
Jan, 2004
Nothing good to play. In fact very few VP machines of any denomination, and with those being MP, most of them were pinging away at video keno! At a quarter level they had 9/6 DB and 9/5 DDB, I also saw some 8/5 JOB, most of the deuces were SO short pay that I didn't even write them down.
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