Chinook Winds
Lincoln City, OR
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over 2 years ago
VP Updated
MIA: (2) 25¢, $1, $5 : 99.17% BP Non smoking area
over 2 years ago
VP Updated
New number - (2) 25¢, $1, $5 : 99.17% BP, 98.98% DDB Non smoking area
over 2 years ago
VP Updated
New: (5) 25¢, $1, $5 : 99.17% BP Non smoking area
over 2 years ago
VP Updated
New: (5) 25¢, $1, $5 : 98.98% DDB Non smoking area
over 6 years ago
VP Updated
New: 25¢, $1 : 98.91% DW44 scattered about casino (check paytables)
Jul, 2009
We stayed in Lincoln city for 5 days over July 4th. In the front half of the casino as you step down from the entry, we found a row of 16 (8+8 back to back)slant tops that had the following games: 9/5JOB, 7/5 BP, 9/6/5 DB, 9/5 DDB, 15/9 DW in quarters and dollars. Lower denoms had reduced paytables. Unfortunately these same machines also had 1, 2, 5 cent Keno on them which many smokers were playing. In the back of the casino past the tables was a bank of 8 uprights (4+4)with most of the above VP games plus 8/5/4 WHA, 7/5 A&F and OEJ with this paytable--250/150/75/45/15/5/3/2/1/1. For our play there over 4 days we received .75% CashBack. There is a non-smoking area which is just a step up from the main floor but I did not check those machines b/c many of them looked to be nickels. Food outlets/restaurants are on the second floor which also had a few VP machines with much worse paytables than down below.
Aug, 2008
*** MIA - *** (4) 2c/5c/10c NSUD, 9/6 JoB and 8/5 BP north end of the casino behind table pit area.
Nov, 2007
The (4) 10c NSU Deuces and 9/6 JOB are still there on the wall at the north end of the casino past the table games. Cash back is $1=1 points and 200 points = $1 cash back or 0.5%.
Jul, 2007
*** MIA - *** 2c/5c/10c  10/7 DB
Mar, 2006
At the top of the escalator and left are four IGT Game Kings MD/MG with three Keno Games, but Full Pay Jacks or Better, NSUD, Bonus and Double Bonus Poker for 2-cents, 5-cents and 10-cents. These machines were monopolized by 2-cent Keno junkies, but we managed to get some time in on these babies during the off-hours of the weekend we spent in Lincoln City. I would not drive from Seattle to play these games, but it is fun to think that you can play a 2-penny Full Game game of VP, if you desired. Our 10-cent play was viewed as reckless by the people who surrounded us. The 9/6 Jacks was the only Jacks game in the house that was better than higher-denomination games (6/5, 7/5). Other Games: For Nickels (5-coin): Deuces Wild: 1/2/2/3/4/10/15/25/200/800 6/5 Jacks Double Bonus: 1/1/2/4/6/9/50/80/160/50/800 Double Double: 1/1/3/4/5/6/50/80/160/160/400/50/800 For Quarters: 1/2/3/4/4/9/15/25/200/800 1/2/2/3/4/10/15/25/200/800 The Sportsbook and the OTB are closed. There is mention of a Sports Bar, but there is no Sports Bar.
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