Chicken Ranch
Jamestown, CA
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Jun, 2019
"new and improved slot club coming in July". $1 coin-in equals one point for slots AND video poker. Points can be redeemed for free play at 900 pts=$1 (0.11%). When I was there a year ago, they had many machines with 8-5 BP for dollars (unknown if they are still there).
Jun, 2004
This place is a real dump. I stopped there one time on my way home from the Black Oak Casino (very nice). The place was filthy - maybe the vacuum cleaner was broke? They had some very short pay IGT machines, and then I spotted those strange 9/6 JOB machines. I have no idea who made those, but I won consistently on them. The machines I played had a strange autohold feature that was far from perfect play, such as hold an inside straight, but drop a high pair??? Weird, but you could correct to autohold feature, which I did often. I was there at lunch time, and went over to the snack bar, but I could not find anyone working there, although they seemed to be open. Finally I asked a security guard, and he said the cook/waitress would come to you and take your order - no orders at the counter. (?) I saw her, but she never made it near me. She would take about 2 or 3 orders, go back to the snack bar and cook up the burgers, and then deliver them. Extremely slow process. No way to get even water around there, much less than something to eat. I gave up, and went down to Oakdale to get lunch. I don't think I will be back, although I did very well with those X brand - location details unknown.
Jun, 2004
A hole in the wall; the "casino" is located in a cul-de-sac on a hill that is mainly a bingo parlor with a small partition for their casino. The casino is located on highway 108 near Sonora (highway 49). This is a local casino where everyone knows each other (the locals hate the other nearby casino). The casino has at most 200 slots, of which 25% is from IGT or other well known slot manufacturer. Most the machines are the 8 line Ring'Em up types. My ratings (on a 1-10 scale with 10 being the best): VP Game inventory*: N/A Comp dollars: 0 Cashback: 0 Service: 6 - it's a small place and you can eat & play slots Promotions: 0 TiTo: Most machines have ticket outs. Other Info: They have a snack bar. * The casino has numerous 9/6 JOB in nickels, dimes, quarters and $1. The problem is the slot manufacturer is unknown and thus unreliable. If I was comfortable with slot manufacturer, I would have given it a "6" because $0.05 or $0.10 9/6 JOB is very low cost entertainment value, i.e. about $1.25 loss hourly loss for $0.10 at 500 hph.
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