Prescott, AZ
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Sep, 2003
I went down I-17 a couple exits and cut over on Cherry Road through Prescott Valley to east Prescott. This is another 40 minutes to Bucky's casino. Aside: I moved to Prescott in 1983 from Illini country. Yavapai College got me out here, accent on the last syllable.."pie". Prescott is not like the tissue company either, it rhymes with "biscuit". Bucky's is two buildings, the nice one sits on the hill. It is part of the Prescott Inn (formally a Sheraton), not shabby at all. It was my lucky day, "men's day". I signed-up and they gave me $2 for being male. This gambling adventure is #149, I last visited Bucky's on lifetime trip #5 in 1994. I have not missed a thing. Scary inventory, like $1 Game Kings with JB 6/5. The best I found was some ugly 15/9 Ducks by the cashier. No clue about slot benefits. They had all the latest games, Spinpoker, Multi-strike, etc. I fed a couple of slots my $2. No reason to go to Prescott, except for a history lesson or the ponies in the summer. It was the first Capital of Arizona.
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