Boomtown Bossier City
Bossier City, LA
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Oct, 2018
Penn National Gaming, Inc. has completed its acquisition of Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc.
about 3 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: (12) $1 : 99.80% TB+, 99.64% Bdlx, 99.45% BDW, 99.17% BP on first floor
about 3 years ago
VP Updated
New Location/Notes; New Machine Type - $5 : 99.52% JoB in front of bar on deck one (SF = 239)
over 10 years ago
VP Removed
MIA: (2) 25c SP : 99.73% NSUD, 99.64% Bdlx, 99.54% JoB, 99.17% BP, 99.11% DB, 98.98% DDB on the Port side of the boat at the stern, just to the left of the stairway
Nov, 2009
Boomtown no longer has FP PKM. New GameMaker machines have downgraded PickEm schedule. New PokerPro tables added
Feb, 2008
Boomtown has chopped their cashback from .23% to .045% - $22 coin-in still earns a point but it now takes 500 points to earn $5 cashback.
Dec, 2007
The GameMaker machines that contained quarter PickEm have been moved. They are still on the lower level, near the bathrooms but are more in the center of the room instead of the wall in the corner. Also, they no longer have the machines that had quarter NSUD (3play), 9/6 JOB (3/5 play) and 9/6 DDB (5 play). They still have some $1 8/5 BP on the lower level near the PickEm GameMakers. Boomtown now has 25c Spin Poker Deluxe with NSUD, 9/6 Bdlx, 9/6 JoB, 8/5 BP, 9/7 DB and 9/6 DDB.
Dec, 2007
*** MIA - *** 25c (3/5 Play) 8/5/60 SA on first deck, port side at the stern. (4) 25c (3/5 Play) NSUD on first deck, port side at the stern. 25c (3/5 Play) 9/6 JoB on first deck, port side at the stern. 25c (5 Play) 9/6 DDB.
Mar, 2006
On March 16, 2006, all 5 machines along the wall that contained triple play JOB and NSUD and 5 play DDB at .25 level were out of service. Don't know if it was just for that day or what was going on. The machines were not roped off, just all dark. The 25 cent pick em machines against the other wall were still operating as were some dollar Bonus Poker.
Jul, 2005
Those 4 uprights on the first deck that are 3/5 plays against the port side at the stern have been there a long time and do break down a lot. They have NSU, 9/6 Jacks and 8/5/4 Super Aces Bonus (SA is only full pay on the 3 play). BT also has 25 cent Pick Em. Boomtown has installed 12 MDMG upright machines on the first floor of the casino. There is a sign over them "Up to 99.80%". All the 99%+ games are only at the one dollar level. They contains the following 99%+ games. Triple Bonus Plus 99.80%, Aces and Faces 8/5 99.17%, Bonus Poker 8/5 99.17%, Deuces Wild Bonus 40/20/25/9/4/4/3/1/1 99.45%, Bonus Poker Deluxe 9/6 99.64%, and one I don't know Super Bonus Deuces 250/400/200/160/25/15/9/4/3/2/2/1.
Jan, 2005
No $5 full pay Jacks or better at Boomtown in a long time.
Jan, 2005
*** MIA - *** $5 9/6 JoB machines.
Aug, 2004
Slots and Vp $11= 1 point.. 100 points gives you $5, CB is 5/1100 = 0.45%. When I earned 214 points, I got $10 in Cashback plus $6 in food comps. Seems food comps are .30 %.
Jul, 2004
Boomtown does still have the 3/5 mulitline quarter 9/6 JOB and NSUD.  .25 PE remains.
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