Blue Chip
Michigan City, IN
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Dec, 2018
Reported 12/3/18: There are now 6 brand new Bar Top Super Star Multi Game machines in the Sports Bar called The Game. They put these in about a month ago. Nothing too exciting, but here's what they have as of 12/2/18: The Game Sports Bar 6 new Bartops Super Star Machines Single Line: BP: $.25-$1 35/6/5 (97.4%) BPD: $.25-$1 8/5 (97.4%) DW: $.25-$1 20/12/9/4/4/3/2/1 (97.06%) DDB: $.25-$1 9/5 (97.87%) JoB $.25-$1 8/5 (97.3%) TDB: $.25-$1 9/5 (97.02%) 3/5/10 play: BP $.25-$1 6/5 (96.87%) JoB $.25-$1 8/5 DW $.25-$1 20/12/9/4/4/3/2/1 DB $.25-$1 9/5 TDB: $.25-$1 9/5 BD: $.25-$1 8/5 Super Times Pay: BP: $.25-$.50 6/5 DDB: 8/5 (96.79%) DW: 25/16/13/4/3/2/2/1 (96.77%) Spin Poker: BP: $.25-$1 7/5 (98.01%) BPD: 8/5 DDB: 9/5 DW: 20/12/10/4/4/3/2/1 JoB: 8/5 TDB: 9/5 There's also Ultimate X, I did not check them though. They also have Keno, Blackjack and Slots on them, I didn't look at those either. As for the rest of the casino VP, here's what I found: In the front as you enter just to the left there's still 4 machines with 3/5/10 play with $.25-$1 98.91% pNSU. In the HL Limit Room there's $5 pNSU 98.91% on 4 Game Kings in the back right corner that connects to the room with the few HL Tables. The other $5 games are only 7/5 BP, 8/5 JoB & 9/5 DDB. The 7/5 BP Progressives in the back right corner remain the same: $.25 7/5 BP (smoking) (there's other VP Game options that share the same progressive jackpot, but 7/5 BP is the best) $.25, $.50 & $1 BP (non smoking, the 7/5 BP is the only game on the machine)
Aug, 2018
Note of BConnected Club changes... I haven't played BC in quite some time. If this is incorrect please let me know: $2 Coin-In = 1 BConnected Point on Video Poker Free Play and Retail Purchases: 1000 Points = $1 (0.05%) Food Comps: 600 Points = $1 (0.0833%) Ruby card holders do not earn any BConnected points. BConnected points expire after six months of no activity.
Sep, 2013
STP paytables downgraded. Not much left to play. Will reassess and list best available after next visit.
Feb, 2011
The $ 10 play STP has been reported MIA.
Jan, 2011
All of the $1 full pay multigames, located to the left as you enter and near the back of the casino, have been down graded. I never noticed them getting huge amounts of action and I do not think any promotions ever took them positive. The machine listings now reflect that change.
Feb, 2009
*** MIA -
Dec, 2008
*** MIA - *** (1) 25c MG 8/5 BP on pathway nearest casino entrance enroute to the left wing of casino.
Jan, 2008
Machine listings in the database are still correct. One addition: A single quarter 8/5 BP in a bank of MG uprights on pathway nearest casino entrance enroute to the left wing of casino. Certainly a casino mistake, but such a tiny one. I'm kind of curious if they are petty enough to track it down and nix it. Cash back (not listed currently in the database) comes in the form of same day free play. VP: $6 CI = 1 point. 500 points = $5 free play. A .16 rate if my astoundingly bad math is correct. This is for the base level card. The "VIP" and "Chairman" slot card tier levels respectively earn a 20% and 30% free play bonus according to literature. Comp rate for base card is 50 points = $1, as currently listed in database. At "VIP" comp rate goes to 40 points = $1. At "Chairman" comp rate goes to 30 points = $1.
Jan, 2007
Major decline to the state of video poker at BC. My survey indicated that any decent vp is limited to 6 machines in the back towards the left of the main casino --$JB, BP and 9/7 DB. I could not find NSUD at any at any level and all quarter vp was shorted. Quite a change from just a couple of months ago when good quarter vp options were plentiful. Note: I was not able to check every machine as the casino was packed and machines occupied on a busy Saturday night. Slot club details per the
Dec, 2006
entry are confirmed. Earned comps stay on account as long as account is kept active in a six month period. According to club worker, free play remains on account indefinitely, but advised to use free play within the calendar year because slot club tends to make policy changes in the new year. By midwest riverboat standards William B's is a fine restaurant and the renovated rooms are quite nice. Rooms are not quite up to Resorts EC quality, but far better than Majestic Star.
Dec, 2006
Per a recent BC promotional mailer: No More Secrets! Reel slot play: Play $3 & get 1 point. Video Poker: Play $6 & get 1 point. Earn 100 points & get $1 in free slot play. VIP Members earn an additional 20% bonus in slot credits. Chairman Members earn an additional 30% bonus in slot credits. Know how you earn complimentaries… Prime Rewards members: Earn 50 points & get $1 comp. VIP Members: Earn 40 points & get $1 comp. Chairman Members: Earn 30 points & get $1 in comp. Know how to elevate your Card Status… VIP Membership –30,000 points in 6 months. Chairman Membership –60,000 points in 6 months. Note: This puts bounce at roughly .16 and earned comps at .33 for the base tier (Prime Rewards) rewards card.
Nov, 2006
*** MIA - *** 25c 9/6 JoB and 8/5 BP banks near the entrance to the left as you enter casino. (13) 25c 8/5 BP to the right of the main entrance, near the rear of the casino. 25c 9/6 JoB in about 1/2 of the MG machines.
Nov, 2006
Some additions and possible changes to the database RE Blue Chip. I stopped in briefly a little after they converted to the barge and a cursory inspection didn't find anything playable. Things have changed. My recent scan for decent vp was far from a thorough inspection, but I found quite a bit of playable vp. Banks of quarter NSUD, JB and 9/7 DB in the banks of MG uprights near the entrance to the left (as you enter casino) side slot room. Banks of $1 NSUD and JB in MG uprights near the craps pit. These machines may have also had BP and 9/7 DB, but I didn't take notes and can't recall. Banks of 50 cent JB and BP in MG uprights in back left (again as you enter casino) corner of main casino near the double bonus progressives. Bank of quarter JB, BP and 9/7 DB in MG uprights in same corner. 4 new 3/5/10 play upright MG MD flat screens in the same corner. At 10 play NSUD, BP and JB is FP in quarter, 50 cent and dollar denominations. I probably won't be out there for another month or two, but I'll be sure to take notes next time and give a more thorough report.
Sep, 2006
I found out from the Director of the Player's Club at Blue Chip that it takes $4 of play to equal 1 point. Except she said that very generally, I realize now I should have asked if that was in general or just for slots, she didn't know that I was playing VP when I asked about much it takes to get 1 point out of the system.
May, 2006
About 1/2 their .25 and $ machines have 9/6JB, NSUD, 9/7DB, and 9/6DDB. All their triple pay when I was there was short pay. Bring your own drinks. Cocktail service was sporadic. Valet complimentary for all.
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