Video Poker Hand Evaluator
How To:
  1. Choose the Video Poker Game using the select box
  2. Select the 5-card poker hand to evaluate by clicking on the mini-card images.
  3. Click the "Evaluate" button after selecting 5 cards
  4. Scroll Down to see the results of the analysis.
  5. After you check out the best hold, you can change the game and keep the same selected cards.
  6. Don't forget to share your hand with your video poker playing friends

"Holds" (cards to hold out of the 5-card hand evaluated) are listed in order of Expected Value or EV. The EV is shown on a per coin basis (assuming a maximum bet). To convert to percent return, simply multiple by 100%.

In the results table, the best hold is listed first and the worst hold is listed last. Ties (multiple holds with identical EV) are broken by Standard Deviation or SD, with the hold with the lowest standard deviation listed first. Sometimes even the SDs are equal. In that case we break the tie with the hand having the most cards. Rarely, there can still be a tie. In such cases we break the tie with the hand having the smaller card rank values (card pip), aces being low.

Since there are 5 cards per hand, there are always 32 = (2*2*2*2*2) possible holds. Don't be fooled! One or more Penalty Cards in a single video poker hand can produce what might seem like unexpected EV ordering of hands. True Video Poker Advantage Players understand these card removal effects.

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