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Enter your search terms for the casinos in the search boxes and then click submit.
The search terms are not case sensitive and can be either simple Plain Text or powerful Regular Expressions.
You can also list casinos by state or by owner from this page using the links above.

Plain Text:
Use letters (A-Z) or numbers (0-9) only without any punctuation.
If your search term is found anywhere for the field it will be a match for your casino.
For example, entering n in the state field will match multiple states,
and will return casinos in NV, NJ, MN, NM, IN, ON (Ontario), etc...
You can do much more powerful casino searches using a Regular Expression.

Regular Expressions:
Search terms can be entered as Regular Expressions (mySQL flavor).
Invalid Regular Expressions are treated as Plain Text, so give it a try.
BTW, NV|is an invalid mySQL Regexp (though valid for perl).
Hence it will be treated as Plain Text here.
If you need more help, try google.
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West: 2 Casinos
Chewelah, WA
Nothing Good...
Emerald Queen Casino I-5
Tacoma, WA
Nothing Good...
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