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Thousand Islands Charity
Gananoque, ON
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May, 2009
All good Pick'Em is gone. New, HD, machines have the bad payscale.
Jul, 2008
I visited casino July 2, 2008 and found that both the Quarter and Dollar VP machines containing full pay Pickem had been moved. The quarter machines are now in the back of the casino next to the live poker area. The dollar machines are a few banks away from their old location plus on a positive note the number of dollar machines has increased from eight to twelve (six on each side of bank). All other information in the data base is correct.
Aug, 2005
I just returned from a week in Gananoque, Ontario, on a fishing vacation but did get to the casino for a few hours on a few hot afternoons when they weren't biting. As your last update was from back in December, I just wanted to confirm that all machine information in the
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