Grand Victoria Elgin
Elgin, IL
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Jan, 2008
Inventory Report 10/6/40 DDB (99.96%) (2)$5-$10 MG triple/fiveplay in high limit (6)$2-$5 MG triple/fiveplay APDW (99.96%) (6)$2-$5 MG triple/fiveplay Bdlx (FP) (99.64%) (2)$5-$10 MG triple/fiveplay machines in high limit (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes NSUD (99.73%) (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes (4)$5-$10 gameking (5)$1 gameking (3)$1-$2 gameking downstairs (11)$1 gameking DBDW (FP) (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes SDB (FP) (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes TDB (FP) (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes BDW (FP) (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes Job 9/6 (2)$5-$10 MG triple/fiveplay machines in high limit (4)$1-$2-$5-$25 multistrikes (4+)$1 multistrikes (6)$1-$2-$5 MG triple/fiveplay (3)$1-$2-$5 Super times pay (2)$1 super times pay (4)$5-$10 gameking (5)$1 gameking 9/5 DDB (97.87%) and 6/5 DB (97.81%) (24)$1 prog rf (2 banks with seperate jackpots of 12 machines each) MIA 7/5 BP $1 prog
Oct, 2003
I recently visited the Grand Victoria while visiting in Chicago. Points were $1 = 1 point. Cashback 0.1%, and comps about .08%. Best games that I could find were $1 NSUD, and nothing worthwhile in quarters, though I did not chaeck each and every machine. I think that the lower cashback is due to the recent increase in taxes on the casinos in Illinois. They did not have an admission fee.
Jul, 2003
I wrote awhile back about the addmission prices and other changes to Hollywood Casino in Aurora. An interesting note on Grand Victoria in Elgin is that they are NOT at this time planning to charge an admission fee. Also, no other changes in restaurant hours or the elimination of the VIP Lounge was noted. Also, no charge for fact valet parking is FREE for ALL players Mon-Thurs. I find this a brilliant ploy on their part to lure the disgruntled players away from Hollywood which is only about 20 miles to the south. I know many people who go to either/or as they live close to both. I bet they start going to one more than the other.
Jun, 2003
Recent mailers indicate that Grand Vic is now tied into the Mandalay One Club system.
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