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Unlike other travel and gambling sites, our casino reviews are focused on video poker.
Our reviews cover the video poker conditions at a casino, both overall and broken out by total wager (the amount bet each deal) rather then game denomination:
Low Limit Video Poker
Total wager $1.25 or less per deal (approx.), such as 1-line $0.25 (5-coin) video poker.
Medium Limit Video Poker
Total wager about $2.00 to $10 per deal, such as 1-line $0.50 (5-coin) video poker. However, 25-coin $1 JoB would be considered High Limit Video Poker.
High Limit Video Poker
Total wager per deal of more then $10. Both 1-line $5 and 100-line $0.10 are both considered high-limit video poker.
All vpFREE2 reviews rate Video Poker on a 5-point star scale.
We require that all reviewers consider the overall video poker at the casino.
Ratings of video poker by wager are, however, optional:
1 Star
2 Stars
3 Stars
Very Good
4 Stars
5 Stars
No Information
0 Stars
We also ask that reviewers rate each casino's player's club (comps), restaurants and lodging, using the same 5-point scale as for video poker. Though ratings for a casinos player's club (comps), restaurants and lodging are optional, we strongly encourage that they be included:
Player's Club / Comps
Relative value of the Player's Club & Comps for advantage Video Poker Play
Overall quality and value of Restaurants at this property.
Overall quality and value of lodging at this property.
Logged in users can post as many reviews as they wish and they can review a casino as many times as they like. When players notice that casino conditions have changed, they should post a new review rather then update an old one, as this is most helpful to the community. To avoid the potential of "stuffing the ballot box", each casino's current (average) ratings take into account only the newest review from each user.
All reviewers are also strongly encouraged to include descriptive comments with their video poker review. Please consider contributing to the vpFREE2 community by writing a casino review now:
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