Become a Casino Monitor!
Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Casino Monitor. Our monitors are crucial to keeping vpFREE2 up-to-date and provide value to all our users. Becoming a monitor is easy and is greatly appreciated by the entire vpFREE2 community. Plus, it's easier than you think.

To become a monitor you'll need:

  • To be a member of vpFREE2 (signup is free and gives you access to advanced features)
  • A modern web browser such as Firefox 3, Safari 3, or IE 7 or newer.
  • An email account where user feedback can be sent (your email address is never disclosed)
  • Some familiarity with the casino(s) you're monitoring
  • To be a regular reader of vpFREE forums and your email
  • A desire to improve the vpFREE2 community knowledge base

Monitors keep the vpFREE2 pages for their casinos up-to-date by using the monitors' only web interface. They are expected to:

  • Read incoming user feedback emails (sent by vpFREE2)
  • Scan the vpFree forums for changes in the casinos they monitor
  • And use any relevant casino experience they might have
    to make the necessary changes to the site.
    They are not required to regularly visit the casinos they monitor, but that certainly helps.

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