San Manuel Casino
Highland, CA
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Jun, 2019
"The High Limit Room has been moved to the new 2nd floor addition and is now called The Vault. The 99.92% Super Aces and $10 JoB Super Times Pay didn’t make the move. The Lotus 8 Room still remains on the 1st floor."
Dec, 2018
Host list has been updated.
Aug, 2017
The San Manuel host list with twelve hosts has been added to vpFREE2.
Mar, 2015
The 97.34% Shockwave is the best 25c game at San Manuel. It's available in 25c, 50c and $1 outside the buffet and by the sports bar.
Feb, 2014
Near the back of High Limit there is one All Star Poker Machine. It offers $10 3/5 Play Super Times Pay 9/6 Jacks and 9/6 DDB. Pays are shorted at $5 and on all of the other games.

San Manuel has a huge corporate suite at Staples Center for the various sports events. Hosts don't advertise this but can get you 2 tickets and a garage parking pass. Seats aren't great (mostly around and behind the basket for Lakers/Clippers) but there is a full buffet.
Jun, 2013
The $1 8/5 JoB Pot o' Gold progressives pay the same jackpot regardless of number of coins played 5-50 and are frequently positive.
Aug, 2012
The 25c video poker are games like 7/5 JoB (96.15%) at the Sportswatch Grill and several 8/5 JoB (97.30%).
Dec, 2008
I played about $14K through mostly $5 9/6 DDB in high limit VP for about 90 minutes. I asked and waited for a host and was comped absolutely NOTHING, not even a sandwich, on a net loss of over $1400. I then asked to file for a win/loss statement (to document the loss) and was refused. No submissions are even being accepted until January. So, players have to drive all the way out there again. I redeemed the points earned from the $14K coin-in for a $10 food voucher, had a buffet, walked out the door and will never go back.
Dec, 2008
San Manuel has several 3/5 Play 7/5/60 Super Aces just inside the door as you enter from valet parking. Another bank is across from the Serrano buffet. Pays 98.86% which is best return at 50c or $1 level I saw in the entire casino. High limit $5 and up selection has not changed from previous reports. San Manuel is not the mob scene it was before the recession hit. And hosts are a bit more accomodating. Always ask to speak to one for a discretionary comp before using your points. Comps at San Manuel are a dollar amount, not per person. Yet you request your comp based on the number of people dining. So, add on an extra person or two when asking. It ends up giving you more to spend per bill. Since cakes and pastries sold at the Serrano buffet can be included, you'll end up with nice treats to go after enjoying a meal with your party.
Sep, 2008
*** MIA - *** (2) $5/$10/$25 (3 Play) NSUD & 8/5 BP MG/MD in high-limit area.
Jul, 2008
San Manuel (Highland, CA) does not offer NSUD or Bonus Poker on its 2 $5/10/25 3-play machines. The other games listed in the database are correct: 9/6 Jacks, 9/6 DDB, 8/5/60 Super Aces and 8/6 Bonus Deluxe. NSUD and 8/5 BP are still available on the 6 $5/10/25 single-line machines along with 9/6 Jacks and 9/6 DDB. San Manuel no longer rewards considerable coin-in on games with low theo like those listed above. Hosts also will tell you that you will not be comped regardless of the loss - they only consider time played and theo. The small discretionary comps mentioned a few months ago have been scrapped, and FreePlay, meal comps or gifts are only available through redemption of a member's points a la Harrahs.
Mar, 2008
San Manuel (Highland, CA) has 4 $5/10/25 9/6 DDB just as you enter High Limit. On the opposite side are 4 $5/10 (3 Play) 8/6 Bonus Deluxe returning 99.07%. Cash back is in the form of slot credits, food or merchandise at a trivial 0.1%. So for your $10000 coin-in you may redeem for a gluttonous $10 food comp. However, walk to the front of the perpetual Club Serrano line and ask for an EXECUTIVE host to be paged. The host will issue a discretionary food comp at a rate only 0.05%, but at least it doesn't come out of your own "lucrative" comp account. San Manuel also sends out occasional mailers, but the amount of FreePlay given to get you back usually barely exceeds the cost of gas to get there.
Jan, 2008
There is a bank of four $5 machines in high limit that offer Triple Play 9/6 Jacks, 9/6 DDB, 8/6 Bonus Deluxe and, best of all, 8/5/60 Super Aces. The other side features single line $5/$10 9/6 Jacks, 8/5 Bonus and NSUD. These games return 2-3% more than any of the lower denomination "junk" inside the main casino. High limit is on the far side of San Manuel. Don't park in the huge parking structure when you first arrive. Instead, go completely around the casino and park outside. Enter there and high limit is immediately to the left after you go in the door. Bring cash or establish credit - ATM fees are a ripoff $4 per transaction.
Dec, 2007
SM has single line 25c/50c/$1 Bonus Deuces (10-4-3-3) near the back. Slim pickings on other nearby games.
Sep, 2004
San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino: 25c Pot O' Golds everywhere with either 7/5 or 8/5 JOB progs. I believe you can get a slot card, not play a single penny on it, and get discounts at many of the local businesses in the San Bernardino area. If you die, your points and benefits are non-transferable, otherwise I don't remember too much else, except the mob scene.
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